“Social media has transitioned from simple lifestyle images and captions to platforms
for social trends and revolutionary movements.”

The use of digital marketing has risen in the past decade through ubiquitious internet access and a variety of social media platforms. This has resulted in various methods of digital marketing, from search engine optimization, social influencers or establishing brand familiarity through company-owned accounts.
With over 600 million daily users, social media sites, such as Instagram, allow companies to maintain and reach customers with aesthetically appealing images and corresponding captions, to convey messages to specific audiences.

Using Nike as an example, Nike, Inc. is a multinational corporation that specializes in the design, development, and manufacturing of athletic sportswear and equipment. They use social media platforms to market more than just their products. This provides Nike with an opportunity to raise social awareness for current issues, that affect the company as well as its consumers.

Through the creation of an environmental awareness campaign, Nike can utilize Instagram to promote products, benefit the environment as well as improve
company culture and the brand itself.